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About Apple TV

The Apple TV has been developed and sold by Apple Inc. The Apple TV is a digital receiver that is designed to play content from various networks including iTunes, Netflix, Flickr, iCloud, YouTube and more. The Apple TV is also able to play content from any Mac OS X or Windows computer that is running iTunes on either an enhanced or high definition television.

Originally in 2006 the Apple TV was just a mere 40 GB hard disk but within a few months the 160GB version was introduced.

In 2010 the second Apple TV was launched which was smaller than its predecessor and also cheaper. This new Apple TV was also able to stream rented content from the iTunes store as well as videos from computers or any IOS device through the use of AirPlay. Instead of having a hard drive, the second generation Apple TV featured an internet 8 GB flash storage.

In 2012 the third generation of Apple TV was announced and was later released in 2013 with a new interface and a high resolution.

The Apple TV has a few competitors that include YouView, Google TV, Western Digital Media Centre, Chromecast, Boxee and Roku.

Also LG, song and Samsung have released Smart TV which is direct competitors to Apple TV.

Apple TV


Apple TV Features

In essence an Apple TV allows a user to view photos, watch videos and play music that have come from the internet on their HDTV.

Apple TV supports various internet media and these services include.

  1. ITunes – the iTunes Store can be accesses from the Apple TV so that you are able to rent movies and TV shows. You can also stream audio and video content directly from the Apple TV.
  2. Photos – You are able to use the Apple TV to display photos as a slide show from iCloud and Flickr.
  3. Netflix – you are able to stream from Netflix was added to the features in 2010.
  4. Hulu Plus – in 2012 Hulu Plus was integrated into the Apple TV services.
  5. YouTube and Vimeo – using the included apps you are able to view videos from Vimeo or YouTube on the Apple TV.
  6. Rotten Tomatoes – you can use Rotten Tomatoes to rent movies by the title.
  7. NBA and MLB.tv- you can view statistics, scores and more through your Apple TV.
  8. Lastly with the Apple TV you will be able to watch Sky News, ESPN, HBO GO, Qello, Crunchyroll, Disney Channel, Weather Channel and Disney XD.

You are able to stream and download content from the internet with the Apple TV and because of this you are able to set up a parental control feature so that access to certain content can be restricted. The internet media is in four categories which are YouTube, podcasts, internet photos and purchase and rental. You can control these categories with a four digit code.

The Apple TV then allows you to watch content on the internet on your TV instead of having to watch it on a computer or mobile device.


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