Best Road Trips in Europe

Best Road Trips in Europe

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Europe is a beautiful continent that is laced with history and culture and there is no better way to see everything that it has on offer then taking a road trip in Europe.

Here are some of the best road trips in Europe which will allow you to explore the areas and soak up the local culture and experiences.

Best Road Trips in Europe

1. Ireland and Celtic Britain

One of the best road trips in Europe is through Ireland and Celtic Britain. You can start in wales and tour the mountains and valleys as you make your way up to the highlands of Scotland. This is where you can catch a car ferry from the mainland to Ireland.

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Ireland has beautiful evergreen landscapes, coastal roads, lakes, waterfalls and castles that you can explore. It has various areas that will feel and look different and offering something unique. It is defiantly worth going across to road trip through Ireland before you head back through England.

2. Croatian Coast

Travellers are drawn to the Croatian Coast because of the coastline that is rich in natural beauty. Croatia has a coastal road that runs from the top to the bottom along the Mediterranean. This road trip in Europe is perfect for those that are looking for winding roads along the coast with roman settlements, beaches, tranquil islands, wonderful sunsets as well as camps that sit beside the clear warm waters.

You are also able to continue this road trip in Europe by going through Montenegro and Albania until you reach picturesque Greece.

3. The Autobahn

Germany has a diverse history but it is also the home of the Autobahn. If you are looking for a road that takes on speed then you need to travel the Autobahn.

When you are in Germany and have experienced your speed thrill, you should travel through and stop at the historic sites, enjoy some GermanBratwurst and some local beer.

4. The Iberian Peninsula

There is no doubt that Spain attracts many tourists, but there are regions of this country that are less travelled and are Spanish to their core. You will experience the true essence of Spanish culture.

As a road trip in Europe you can consider crossing the Pyrenees at Andorra, which is like that of a little country and is known for skiing and the wonderful alpine scenery.

As you continue your journey and head towards Barcelona, Valencia, the Costa Blanca through Andalucía, which is the home of Flamenco, Granada, which is a city of Malaga’s that is underappreciated, Gibraltar, Jerez, which is the home of Sherry and Seville.

You will then have a choice of either heading up to Portugal where you can stop Algarve in Lisbon, Coimbra, Oporto as well as the numerous spots that few go to or you will be able to head through Cordoba, Madrid and Salamanca.

You can also opt for a stroll to Santiago de Compostela which is a pilgrimage site that is 12 centuries old. You can then continue your road trips across northern Spain towards San Sebastian and Pamplona which are situated in the Basque country.

This particular road trip in Europe will take you across 3 countries that will divulge you ion there splendour and beauty.

5. Prague to Istanbul

Eastern Europe is in fact diverse and intriguing. The term Eastern Europe once referred to the divide which is gone but it is now used to describe the cultural and language heritage that was left by the communist era and the times before this.

You can choose the route of blue lakes and green hills in Bosnia which will take you to the Tetras which divide Poland and Slovakia or you can choose the Carpathians of Transylvania from the awesome towns like Kosice in Slovakia to the well-known Bohemian cities such as Budapest.

6. The Artic Highway

The last road trip in Europe on our list is the Artic Highway. Scandinavia in Norway is one of the most densely forested and also most beautiful regions in the world. The artic Highway begins as a road trip begins in Sweden where you can hit Stockholm for a great vibe and also Oslo as you make your way to Norway. Here you will be crossing mountains and fjords as you make your way to the Arctic Circle. This road trip in Europe should be done in summer so that you can experience 24 hours of daylight.

As you make your way back you can extend your road trip by going through Finland and the Baltics.

These are some of the best road trips in Europe and you will become lost in the countries as they dazzle you with various and differing experiences as well as things to see.




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