Best Road Trips In South Africa

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Best Road Trips in South Africa

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South Africa is a vast country with an ever changing landscape from the cities to the mountains to the coast to densely vegetated areas.

This then makes road trips in South Africa unique, different and a once in a life time experience no matter where you choose to take your road trip.

We will look at some of the best road trips in South Africa.

Best Road Trips in South Africa

1. Crook’s Corner to Pont Drift

The Limpopo River runs along the Zimbabwe and Botswana borders. You will make your way through amazing landscapes and ancient Baobabs, some of them are over 3000 years old. Your road trip here will have company though as there are troops of baboons that will be lining the road.

This road trip in South Africa begins at Crook’s Corner which is at the northern end of the Kruger National Park. This area of the park is used as a winter grazing ground for elephants. There are also many lion and leopard spotting in the fig, jackelberry and fever trees. Your road trip will then take you along the top of South Africa where you will pass the Big Tree which is the oldest Baobab tree in the country.

This road trip in South Africa could be made in a few hours or can be extended for a few days if you carry on towards the Mapungubwe National Park which is an untouched World Heritage Site gem. The route from Mapungubwe will then take you to Point Drift. It is aptly named as it is where a drift crosses Limpopo, the border and into Botswana’s Tuli Block wildlife reserves.

2. Bloemfontein to Durban

This road trip will take you through farmlands and foothills and begins at the Bloemfontein freeway, to the Free State capital and then to the mountain kingdom of Lesotho. You will pass through a sea of sunflower fields with the mountains on the horizon.

As you hit Ladybrand you will see sandstone buildings that are surrounded by rough peaks as the route winds along the Lesotho border and through the Free State Eastern Highlands. This is a charming road trip as in winter you pass snowcapped peaks, in autumn amber vegetation and there are country villages all year.

Clarens makes for a fantastic stop with its 20 galleries, boutiques, brewery and restaurants that are overlooked by the Maluti Mountains.

The Golden Gate Highlands National Park is known for its sandstone projections and sunsets whilst antelope run freely along the road side.

You will need a few days to then travel from here to Durban along the coast. You can amble through the Drakensberg and perhaps go to the Royal Natal National Park which is in close proximity and stroll one of their many walking trails.

3. Cape Town to Lamberts Bay

As you head out from cape town you will need to head north along the west coast that has some appealing spots like that of Paternoster. The white washed fishing village that is situated on a peninsula north of Langebaan Lagoon which is known for its crayfish. This coastal sanctuary has been given an extra touch in recent years with new galleries and restaurants being added.

Around Lamberts Bay you can feast at all inclusive open air buffets. If you are looking for a quiet beach then Muisbosskerm is usually emptier. As you travel up the coast to Lamberts Bay you will travel alongside Sishen Saldanha iron ore railway line and pass Muisbosskerm.

At Lamberts Bay there is a path that will lead you to Bird Island where you will see blue eyed Cape gannets, there is also the chance to try and spot dolphins and whales on one of the boat trips here.

As you Lamberts Bay along the Cape Namibia route you will road trip north towards Namibia through Namakwa. There is a spread of wildflowers and in the spring it is a barren terrain.

These are just a few of the best road trips in South Africa and others include Cape Town to Durban and Cape Town to Oudtshoorn. No matter what road trip in South Africa you decide you will not be disappointed.



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