Best Road Trips in the United States

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Best Road Trips in the United States

If you are looking for a different kind of holiday then why not endeavour on some of the best road trips in the United States.

You will discover scenic routes, rocky mountains and rivers as you travel on your road trip in the United States and truly soak up the atmosphere as you become more personal with nature and the various places that you will discover.

Best Road Trips in the United States

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1. Bourbon Trail, Kentucky

In this Bluegrass State the heritage and the lifestyle centers around Bourbon and the Bourbon Trail is dotted with small and also big brand distilleries.

This road trip is a 152 mile loop that goes from Louisville to Bardstown to Frankfort and back.

You can begin your road trip by stopping at Talbott Tavern where you will be able to indulge in some Southern specialties like a country fried steak or an Old Kentucky Hot Brown. Heaven Hill Distillery’s Bourbon Heritage Centre is not far so spend some time here before you taste the family owned whisky.

You can then travel to the Maker’s Mark Distillery where you will be able to smell the yellow mash of corn, wheat and malted barley that will be boiling away before it is transferred to vats and barrels so that it is able to ferment and mature.

You can carry on your road trip here by heading to the Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort, through green meadows and rivers. Here you will be spoilt with award winning bourbons.

Jim Beam will end your tasting journey with big brand spirits and also small batch favourites such as Knob Creek and Basil Hayden’s.

2. Amish Country Byway, Ohio

If you want to take a step back in time then the Holmes Country in Ohio has manyAmish communities. You will be able to experience these communities as you see horses on the byway with buggies. This road trip in the United States needs a slower pace so that you are able to take everything in.

The road trip is 76 miles from Dover to Loudonville that has various detoursen-route.

You will find Heini’s Cheese Chalet north of Berlin. It is a family owned and operated factory that offers visitors tours and free samples of their Amish Country cheeses.A little further you will find the Holmes Country Flea Market that have a variety of delicious foods from fresh doughnuts to homemade fudge as well as crafts.

You can take a tour at Yoder’s Amish Home in Millersburg. You will be taken through the barns and homes that are on the 116 acre property and learn about the Amish history and the customs that have not changed with modern times.

3. Santa Fe Trail, New Mexico and Colorado

This road trip is 326 miles from Lamar, Colorado to Santa Fe, New Mexico and hosts a number of national historical sites and was once a vital trade route before the railroad was built in Santa Fe in 1880.

There is a nonstop rugged mountain route along Colorado and New Mexico highway with recreated settlements and Old West sites.

The Colorado Welcome centre in Lamar is a great way to start your journey through American history. This is also where the Madonna of the Trail statue honours the lives of pioneer women. Your next stop should be the Bent’s Old Fort National Historic Site. The reconstructed adobe fort will teach you how life was for the fur trappers and Native Americans that traded in the 19th century.

Once you have crossed into New Mexico it might be time to have a break and what better way than to take in the views at Cimarron Canyon State Park which forms part of New Mexico’s Colin Neblett State Wildlife Area. Soak in the rushing rivers, the dense forest, the sounds of wildlife and the tranquil and natural surroundings.

4. Cheese Trail, Vermont

The Cheese Trail in Vermont is 169 miles from Shelburne to Townshend.

Along the farmstead route there are more than 40 makers that offer 150 varieties of cheese. There is more skilled cheese makers per capita here than any other state, so if you love cheese then you need to road trip in Vermont.

The Shelburne Farms sit on the shores of the Lake Champlain. Not only is it a National Historic Landmark but Shelburne also having programs on sustainability with their award winning farmhouse cheddar. It also a place for exploration as it is a 1400 acre property that has 10 miles of woodland walking trails, a farm store and inn. If you carry on south through the endless farmland you will come across grazing Nubian goats as well as Holstein and Ayrshire cows.

If you start to feel hungry make a stop at the Fat Toad Farm in Brookfield so you can get goat’s milk chevre goat’s milk caramel sauce.

The country meadows start to disappear as you get to Green Mountains en route to Cowley Cheese which is the oldest operating cheese factory. Your road trip can be rounded off with a tour of the Peaked Mountain Farm which is home to100 sheep. The milk from the sheep is used to create feta, camembert, and natural-rind hard cheese.

These are some of the best road trips in the United States as there is plenty to see, learn, taste and do but there are many road trips in the United States so perhaps you will get to do them all eventually.



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