Business Ideas for Retirees

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Business Ideas for Retirees

There are many of us that look forward to retiring, but other retirees are not quite ready to stop working. You could get another job, but starting a home business gives retirees, flexibility and freedom. Here are some business ideas for retirees.

business ideas for retirees


Even though you are retired your skills and your knowledge don’t just go away. You could begin a home based coaching or consulting business that will allow you to earn from your work experience. You can do this from home using online conferencing tools and Skype or you can visit and meet your clients and just operate the business side from your home.

Writing and Blogging

People use the Internet to gain knowledge and entertainment. If you can give them what they need through a blog then you are able to make money through monetization options like affiliate marketing.

If you don’t want the hassle of making and marketing a blog then there are many online media sources and bloggers that will pay for articles. You are able to find writing jobs online at freelance job sites, social media and writing resources.

Service Based Business

Almost any skill that you have can be turned into a home business. You are able to sell those skills through a service based home business. Any tasks that businesses and individuals will pay to have done can become a business like landscaping, virtual support, writing, bookkeeping, pet care and more.

Making a Hobby a Business

You are able to develop hobbies into businesses. If you love to bake for instance then make home based cookie business.


If you have a lot of stuff then sell your unwanted items on eBay. If you make crafts and goods try and sell them on Etsy, at a local market or at a farmers market.



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