How to Dress like a Fashion Editor

fashion editor

How to Dress like a Fashion Editor

New York Fashion Week is in full swing, but not all of us are invited, but you can still look the part. Here is how you can dress like a fashion editor.

fashion editor

There is a uniform for anyone that works in fashion which is a good thing as it makes it easy to copy. There are some fashion editors like Lucinda Chambers from Vogue who have a bold style.

There are also fashion editors that are known for looking chic. In order to be chic you will need to be understated and elegant. You can wear a pair of statement heels but you will need to pair these with an outfit that is pared down.

Black and navy are the two colours that fashion girls should opt for. Alexa Chang says that unless she has an event these are the two shades that she goes for. A merino navy jumper is vital as well as a pair of skinny black jeans or cropped chinos. They will need to fit faultlessly though.

Glamour’s fashion editor, Natalie Hartley says that she is loving navy right now and a head to toe outfit in that colour is the way she will go for the shows once again. She also said that she is having a moment with brown and tan too.

Another classic is leather trousers, but try not to rub your legs too much as it can look creepy even though the leather feels great.

You should invest in a roll neck and chunky styles are good. The roll neck can be worn over cropped trousers or over a pencil skirt. A tighter style can be tucked into an A-line skirt for that 70s look.

Tailoring is important. A military style shirt will work with a lot and you will also need a good coat and a blazer. If you are going to splash out then go to Zara and All Saints and find yourself a mannish wool coat. You are able to wear anything under this coat and still look chic. Throw on a chunky scarf on top.

Fashion editors do not always wear heels and actually whilst running around a comfortable pair of boots is an essential. A few seasons back, Celine brought back Vans and they are still going strong in fashion circles.

It’s not true that you need to wear different clothes every couple of seasons as in fact they wear the same thing, but with a few new season go a heads thrown in.



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