Finding University Accommodation in Pretoria

University Accommodation in Pretoria

University life is undoubtedly the most exciting of times of any young adults’ life. Spreading your wings to pursue your career of choice, free from the grasps of parental control and high school mind sets. Leaving the nest you’ve known for so long can be a daunting task, not only for the student, but the family unit as a whole too. Finding accommodation near to your chosen university can be a trying feat. But once equipped with this knowledge, you can begin to eliminate some of the stresses of seeing your child jet off to start their lives.

University Hotel Accommodation

Staying at a hotel often sparks thoughts of expensive and lavish expenses. However, you may just have found your accommodation problems solution for the interim. Opt for self-catering accommodation in Pretoria when your child heads off to either the University of Pretoria or Tshwane University of Technology. Think of this scenario, your son or daughter got in to university. However, all accommodation o campus or near to campus is unavailable for whatever reason. A back up plan is to opt for our self-catering hotel accommodation that is affordable and has studio apartments or 2 bedroomed serviced suites as options.


Transport is readily available, as we are conveniently located near to the Gautrain station.

  • 14 minutes from UNISA
  • 19 minutes from TUT
  • 5 minutes of University of Pretoria

Make use of our lavish accommodation when you’re in town for any university events. We understand the importance of having family involved in the academic process and make it our business to ensure you’re comfortable, relaxed and focused. *Post sponsored by Grosvenor Gardens

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