How Not to Haggle

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How Not to Haggle

If you shop at a flea market or at a yard sale, you will probably haggle on the price, so sellers will set their prices higher, so that they are able to come down. Because sellers mark their prices up, shoppers feel the need to haggle, but here is how not to haggle.

flea market

Don’t Ignore the Seller Until Its Time to Haggle

It can be seen as an offensive to only acknowledge someone when you want something. You should always greet the seller when you arrive. If the seller is busy but catches your eye then just smile or nod. This will gain you the seller’s goodwill.

Don’t be Stingy

Unless your buying a lot from the seller, you shouldn’t haggle when the prices are already so low.

Don’t Haggle on Individual Items

If the seller constantly hears you say ‘Will you take so much’ for every item that you pick up, they will get fed up with you. This could mean you are out of luck when you do spot that pricy thing you really want. Instead gather the things you want and offer a group price. Or pay the asking price for a few inexpensive items and haggle on the higher priced item.

Don’t Walk Away After the Seller Accepts your Offer

Its just bad form when you have taken up the seller’s time and they have agreed on a price that suits you.

Don’t Insult the Items

When you insult the items on offer, you are insulting the seller and this will not work for haggling.

Don’t Talk Too Much

Hagglers that don’t know when to be quiet will usually get the shirt end of the deal. Make your offer and then wait for the seller to respond.

No Lowball Offers

Haggling is about asking less then the asking price, but if you make a really low offer, you will insult the seller. It is not a good idea to offer less than half and you should only make this kind of offer if the asking price is crazy high.

Don’t Offer Too Much

Offering too much is also a mistake. When you offer the max that you are willing to pay right away you are setting yourself up for failure, as the seller will counter.

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