How to Cover up Home Flaws

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How to Cover up Home Flaws

Nobody has a picture perfect home and many homes have their own flaws which is normal. You are able to hide these imperfections with some simple home staging. This allows you to emphasise your home’s best features and downplay the not so good ones. Here is some home staging tricks that you can use to cover up your homes defects.


Clean Each Room Thoroughly

A clean home feels and looks amazing and is an important part in home staging. The floors, walls, doors, windows and fixtures all need to be cleaned. Worn out shower curtains need to be replaced, the carpets need to be steamed and floor boards need to be dusted. When your home looks spotless, buyers will also be more proud of the property they are getting.

An Inviting Home

Dark rooms are a turnoff for buyers, so if your home has poor lighting then you should consider new fixtures or replacing bulbs with higher wattage illumination ones. You should also not only buy fixtures for their function but also their beauty.  If you have dark rooms install different light sources in each room and mirrors as these will bounce light.

Pleasant aromas are linked to our feelings. When a buyer walks into your home and is greeted by unpleasant smells they will automatically switch off from your home. Ensure that you trash can is taken outdoors and examine your home for any bad smells.

One of the best home staging tricks is painting your walls with inviting colours. Choose a paint that has a low sheen as these are better at hiding wall imperfections.

Camouflage Windows, Ceilings and Floorings

Widows that are an odd shape can be an eyesore. If your home has plain windows, high windows or low ones then you can cover these with window treatments. Cover high windows with drapes that go to the floor and keep them closed. You can make small windows look larger with drapery panels.

High ceilings can make a home feel impersonal. Paint the ceiling the same colour as the walls so that it blends. If you want to bring the ceiling down in scale then go for a darker colour then the walls.

If you do not have the money to replace worn out carpet then you can use rugs to cover it. If you have patterned carpets then use a plain rug and a decorated rug for plain carpets. You can also divert attention away from the carpet by creating a striking focal point like an arrangement on the mantel.



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