How to Get Rid of Dark Circles with Makeup

dark circles

How to Get Rid of Dark Circles with Makeup

If you find that you are not getting enough sleep, you are up late or just stressed, dark circles may start to appear under the eye area. This is highly common and not the best. Most common form of under eye dark circles is the ones that are inherited, but you can do something about them.

Here are three easy ways to help get rid of dark circles with makeup.

Treat and Moisturizemoisturise

You need to first use an eye cream that is hydrating, firming and is aimed at treating dark circles in the morning and evening. You should apply a light layer with your fourth finger under the eye and tap until it is dry. Once you have done this carry on with your complete skin care regime.

Color Correct

Pink and peach correcting tones can be used to conceal the bruising and are closer to skin tone color than the recommended green and yellow tones that can create an ashy hue. You should apply the color correct all over the dark circle and blending a small amount as you go. The key to looking natural is to not use so much.


The last step is to apply a concealer on top of the blended corrector. Concealer needs to be blended until it disappears. You just need a small amount as to much can create creasing so make sure that you blend.

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