How to Grow Moss


How to Grow Moss

grow moss

Moss is great in the garden because it gives it a sense of age. You are able to grow moss in your garden with a little patience and with the right growing conditions.

Moss likes shade, acidic soil and moisture. Shade is vital though as the sun will quickly destroy a patch of moss.

Growing Moss on Soil

You can get your moss going by taking a piece from somewhere else and moving it. The soil that you are going to put it on will need to be raked and scratched. This is so the filaments make good contact with the soil. Wet the area, lay the moss on top and press it will into the soil. Keep the moss in place by placing a few rocks on it.

Newly planted moss will need to be kept moist for a few weeks. You will notice the moss has taken when it doesn’t lift with a light tug.

Growing Moss on Rocks, Pots or Bricks

It is more difficult to get moss started on rocks and the moving technique will need more to it. Many people have had luck growing moss on rocks by mixing it with buttermilk and painting it on the surface.

You will need 2 cups of buttermilk or plain yogurt and 1 to 1 ½ cups of chopped up moss.

Mix them together until it is spreadable. If your mixture is too thick then add some water but if it is too thin then add more moss.

The mixture can then be painted on the new surface. The mixture will need to sit for a couple of days to start the process. You will get mould first but within 6 weeks you will see moss.

Keep Moss Growing

In order for your moss to thrive you need to ensure the ideal conditions are met and maintained that is shade, moisture and acidic soil. Also you need to weed the area as moss is unable to compete for moisture against weeds. Leaves that have fallen will also need to be removed.

You can give your garden that old world look by growing moss.


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