How to Lose Back Fat

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How to Lose Back Fat

There are few things that you are able to do, if back fat is bothering you. You are able to lose back fat in a number of ways, but first you need to know which type of back fat you will be targeting.

Often people will experience back fat in one of these places:

  1. Bra line fat – if you have excess fat which spills over the back of your bra strap then you have upper back fat.
  2. Waistline back fat – if you experience fat folds at the back of your waist then you have mid back fat.
  3. Muffin top fat – if you have fat that spills over you jeans then you have lower back fat.
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How to Lose Back Fat


You are able to lose fat all over your body through a calorie controlled diet. You won’t be able to control where the fat will be lost though. You are able to promote muscle growth by eating a diet that includes plenty of lean protein. Back muscles that are stronger will help to improve posture and a taller appearance is able to make you look thinner. Your back can also be reshaped through the building of muscles along your spine and torso.


You are able to burn fat and calories through high intensity cardiovascular exercises. Try these exercises to help give your back a leaner appearance.

  1. Shoulder Strengthening Exercises – building strong and tight shoulders will make the area beneath you back look smaller especially near your bra line. You can do this with lateral raises with dumbbells or try overhead press exercises.
  2. Mid-Back Exercises – the latismus dorsi are the wing shaped muscles that are in the middle of your back. You can make these stronger and tighter with lat pull downs. This will make your waist appear smaller.
  3. Waist Exercises – if you want to lose the fat on your waist you need to strengthen the oblique abdominal muscles and the erector spinae, which are the muscles that run along the spine. Try side bend exercises with or without added weight to target the sides and oblique crunches will target the oblique abdominals.
  4. Lower Back Exercises – back fat is more noticeable when we slouch. Lower back exercises like the back extension exercise will strengthen your core and will promote better posture.

Medical Procedures

If you are still unable to lose back fat then you could opt for surgical and non-surgical procedures including liposuction, smart liposuction, coolsculpting and ultrashape. These though can be expensive and you will have to have time off for recovery.

You should try and lose back fat first through diet and exercise.



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