How to Remove Stains on Clothing

How to Remove Stains

How to Remove Stains on Clothing

Stains on clothing are a pain. They are able to ruin your favourite item quickly. They are some common stains that we may struggle to rid ourselves of those being oil, blood and even lipstick. If you are wondering how to remove stains like these and others then you need to follow these simple how to remove stain rules and methods.

How to Remove Stain Rules

  1. The longer that you allow the stain to be on the item then the harder it is going to be to remove it.

  2. Before you wash the item you need to first treat the stain

  3. You should never rub a stain but rather blot it gently

[accordions] [accordion title=”How to Remove Stains- Lipstick”]

If you are slightly clumsy or took an item off with lipstick still on, then you shouldn’t be surprised when you find a lipstick stain.
In order to remove a lipstick stain you should blot it with a baby wipes or a cloth that has rubbing alcohol on. If you rub the stain then you will spread the lipstick and it will become more set in.


[accordion title=”How to Remove Stains- Blood”]

Blood stains easily and can be troublesome to remove. If the blood stain is fresh then you will need to immediately blot it with club soda, an ice cube or just cold water.
If the blood stain is a dried stain then you will need to use a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution so that you are able to draw the blood stain out of the clothing without damaging the clothing itself.

[/accordion] [accordion title=”How to Remove Stains- Oil”]

Oil is bound to land on us at some point or another but you are able to remove it. You will need to cover the oil stain immediately with talcum powder or baby powder and allow it to sit with it on for about 30 minutes.
After the time has [passed brush it off and apply a stain remover and wash. You will need to wash it in a hot wash that the fabric is allowed.

This method helps to dry out the stain and remove the bulk, whilst the wash will lift the rest.

[/accordion] [accordion title=”How to Remove Stains- Ink”]

If you get ink on your cotton clothing then you should use a rubbing alcohol on the spot and wash.
If it is polyester then you can use hair spray on it and spray a lot. Once you have sprayed, pat the mark with a clean and dry cloth. You can wash the garment.

[/accordion] [accordion title=”How to Remove Stains- Red Wine”]

Red wine is one of those stains that you seem to get more often than not. In order to remove red wine douse the item with salt, plunge it into cold water and then blot until the stain disappears and then wash as soon as you can.

If you get red wine on you whilst you are out then use club soda on the spot and once you are home wash the item.

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It is easy to remove stains now that you know how to and you can use household items and save your favourite clothes from the rubbish because of stains.


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