Basic Online Competition Tips: How to Win Online Competitions Easily

how to win online competitions

When “pigs fly” or “hell freezes over”. These are expressions associated with having very little faith in something happening. We often feel this way about winning online competitions as it all appears to be based on luck. If you would like to change your luck with online competitions and win, here’s how to win online competitions.

There’s no limit to unlimited entries

“No more wishful thinking. Follow these tips and witness your fate change with online competitions.
Some competitions allow you to enter as many times as you would like. Doing exactly that would increase your chances of winning. So, make use of their generosity and enter away![/su_spoiler]

Read rules and questions carefully
how to win online competitions

This may seem obvious but silly mistakes are made often. In order for your entry to even be considered it has to actually apply to the competition. For example, saying that you love Nescafé when asked why you need to win a year’s supply of stock will not get you lucky. So, reading the rules may ensure that you answer the question properly.

Be distinct

Remember that your entry is not the only entry that judges have to consider. Hundreds and, sometimes, thousands of entries are made. Entries often show similar responses which you are able to see if there’s a way that other entries can be observed. Identify the pattern in frequent phrases being used and avoid it. Instead, be different from others and take some time to think about your answer.  Get some creative juices flowing and respond to the competition with originality. This will make you stand out and judges will appreciate observing a change from the usual.

Spell check

There’s never any harm in doing a spell check; it can only do you some good. Seeing as written communication are the judges first impression of you, make it the best impression possible. That’s where a spell check comes in; use it to neaten your response.

Avoid the disguised scams

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Use your initiative to judge whether the competition is promoted by a trustworthy company and sponsored by an even more reputable one. If you decide that a dodgy looking competition is trustworthy, enter at your own risk! Being part of a scam can be a messy situation that makes it difficult for you to point fingers at anyone.

Avoid popular competitions

Keeping faith is encouraged when entering all competitions so bubbles aren’t intentionally being burst with this tip. The more popular, the more reliable. Therefore, it’s understandable if you only enter the popular competitions. However, keep in mind that competitions that are frequently advertised through different mediums such as TV and radio are gaining thousands of entries. This means that your chances of winning are extremely low and almost a waste of energy. On the other hand, “almost” must be emphasised as there is no such thing as impossible.

No more wishful thinking. Follow these tips and witness your fate change with online competitions.

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