Mistakes People Make when they use Coconut Oil

coconut oil

Mistakes People Make when they use Coconut Oil

There are many uses for coconut oil, but people make common mistakes when using coconut oil.

You need to avoid getting coconut oil on your clothes, bedding and towels as it can leave oil stains. If you are doing an overnight hair treatment then you should cover your hair with a cap to protect your pillows. You should use coconut oil sparingly and wipe off any excess.

coconut oil


Generally people store coconut oil products in the bathroom, but wet hands and humidity can cause mould growth. You will need to keep the lid closed, use dry hands and store in a dry place.

It is advised to do a patch test first before you use the product as it may cause skin rashes. Rub a tiny bit of coconut oil onto the skin and leave it for a day and see if any rash appears.

There are many articles that note the benefits of coconut oil and promote it for a cure for almost anything. Coconut oil is useful to cure minor ailments, but it should not be seen as a cure for all and be used instead of standard treatments.

At room temperature, coconut oil is solid so you shouldn’t pour it down the drain as it may clog it. You should then remove as much as you can from your skin before you rinse your body. You can also pour hot water down the drain for 30 seconds to help flush coconut oil down.

If you allergies to tree nuts for instance then you need to find out that you are able to use coconut products. You might be allergic to coconut oil even though coconut is classified as a fruit, the Food and Drug Administration counts it as a tree nut.





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