How to Modernise your home without Renovating

modernize your home

We all know how tiring, time-consuming and expensive renovating a home can be. What if you could modernise your home without the hassle and costs of redecorating? Transform your house into a classy, elegant home and add a contemporary look and feel with Plantation Shutters. Plantation Shutters specialises in the manufacturing and installing of excellent quality, custom-designed Plantation Shutters in your home. So why choose Plantation Shutters you ask? We can think of a few reasons…

Versatility – Plantation Shutters can be used as door or window dressing, partitions, room dividers or to enclose a terrace or patio. The shutters are certainly much more beautiful than traditional curtains or venetian blinds.

Elegance – The shutters can add an elegant touch and enhance any room in your home, whether it’s the bedroom or kitchen. Turn your bathroom into your own personal spa with white shutters or how about installing Timber shutters for an Italy inspired theme?

Protection from the Sun/Insulation – Plantation Shutters offer protection from the harsh elements that summer and winter both bring. We can’t all live near the beach, but we can help you get that beach inspired look (no matter the season) with white Plantation Shutters. The shutters are firm so they will not rattle in the wind.

Privacy – Plantation Shutters allow for privacy from all external factors, yet still permit light and air to flow through the adjustable louvers. Shutters provide privacy and sunlight while soaking in the tub. Install them on your porch and enjoy shade yet still enjoy a warm summer breeze whilst having control over the amount of light or privacy you require at any time.

Security – Our collection of aluminium security shutters have a solid metal 2-way locking system. They are safe, strong and stylish and definitely a much more appealing décor option than traditional security or burglar bars, don’t you think? Whether you’re going for the rustic or modern appeal, or vintage or historic feel, get the high-end sophisticated look without the hassle of renovating your home. Have peace of mind knowing that you’ll have a 5-year guarantee with authentic after sale services. What are you waiting for? Contact Plantation Shutters directly at or visit for more information.

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