Online Shopping Security in South Africa

Online Shopping Security in South Africa

South Africans have shown a keen interest into shopping online however they are still nervous about this because of the security that surrounds online shopping.

The MasterCard Online Shopping Behaviour study that is held annually showed that the active users in South Africa that are shopping online have fallen yet again for a second year in a row.

The figures showed that at the end of 2011 there were 57.9% of users that were online shopping. In 2012 this dropped to 54% and now at the end of 2013 it has dropped to 51.6%.

This doesn’t seem to make sense as World Wide Worx research has shown that shopping online in South Africa has grown more than 30% in a year.

This then begs the question of why are South Africans not shopping online?

The Reasons for the Lack of Online Shopping

There is a high amount of active internet users which is ever growing which is where the secret lies to the decrease of online shoppers.

World Wide Worx data from 2012 shows there was 3.9 million users which jumped to 4.6 million in 2013.

In 2012 there was less users and 54% of the 3.9 million users were online shoppers which 2.1 million users who are shopping online.

In 2013 there were 4.6 million users but only 51.6% of shoppers however that actually equals 2.37 million people who are using online shopping.

This actually leaves half of the users not indulging in online shopping even though they can.

The MasterCard research shows the reasons:

  • 42% are not shopping online because they are unsure about the safety and security of making transactions online. This number has actually increased by 4% from the year before showing that South African consumers are scared off online shopping.

  • Around a quarter of the respondents say they are concerned about being able to exchange or return an item.

  • A similar amount says they are worried about the delivery time.

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What is the Effect on Online Shopping in South Africa?

The results of the study show that is still a lack of confidence with buying goods online. Half of the people who do not shop online say that they actually prefer the physical experience of going out to buy what they want.

As there is such a high concern over online shopping the negatives associated with it have overshadowed the advantages of being able to shop online.

The lack of internet users in South Africa was blamed on the lack of access to the internet and poor broadband in the past however this is no longer true.

The South African internet user base has reached more than 14 million and in just a few years a third of the population will be using the internet.

In fact 1 in 10 South Africans are proficient in using the internet but only 1 in 20 uses it to shop online.

In order to get South Africans active in online shopping there has to be dedicated effort by retailers, financial and internet service providers to market the online shopping benefits so that the confidence is built into these selling platforms.

It is now up to the businesses involved to take the next to ensure that more South Africans use the service and without hesitation.

This will mean finding a way to increase the security or prove that it is safe to use.

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