Plants you can Grow Indoors

Plants you can Grow Indoors

With winter on its way your garden can move indoors and here are some plants that you can grow whilst the frost enters the garden.


Carrots can be grown in containers for indoor growing. The easiest carrots to grow inside are smaller carrots as they need less space and mature quickly. A long container is the most ideal to grow carrots in.  The soil needs to be moist for good germination. Lightly cover the seeds with some damp peat moss. The seeds should germinate within 2 weeks.

Green Beans

You can grow green beans indoors. You need to place them in a sunny window with moist soil. Green beans can grow quickly so make sure that you give them little sticks for stability and support.


Kale is easy to grow indoors and even does well during the colder months. You need to sow the seeds a little further apart to give the plants room to grow.


You are able to grow tomatoes indoors easily with just a 6 inch pot of soil that is in a bright sunny spot.


Mint plants are easy to grow and thrive in a pot. Mint does not need lots of direct sunlight. Mint requires indirect light, adequate drainage and a light misting so that you are able to get a fragrant and tasty garnish.


Ginger is used in dishes like stir fry for a fragrant aroma. Ginger thrives in a humid environment so regular misting is important and well-drained soil and partial sunlight.


Beets are high in vitamins and minerals as well as making a colourful addition to a plate. Beets are the perfect vegetable to grow for a beginner gardener as they are tolerant of various growing environments. This makes beets perfect for indoor growing.


Chives are perfect to have on the kitchen countertop so that they are ready to be cut and put in your favourite dishes. Chives like some humidity so place a small dish filled with pebbles and water nearby for the best environment.


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