Renting IT Equipment for Telecoms Businesses


Is your business in the lines of telecommunications? Do you struggle to keep up the fast paced changes of the technology world? In the telecoms world, having the best ICT equipment is essential for your business. In order to provide your clients with the best working experience, you need to be able to deliver the best of the best in terms of telecommunications. More often than not, this is an expense one cannot always afford. That is why renting IT equipment has become a massive trend in the market. ICT Rentals in South Africa IT equipment rentals are available for long term and short term rental periods. Things to ask yourself before embarking on IT rentals are:

  • What percentage of our staff are high end users?
  • What do users actually use the desktop for on a daily basis?
  • What kind of software do our staff utilize?
  • Which users need a regular refresh every 3 years versus staff that run basic applications?
  • Why is brand new equipment always bought, regardless of the users’ needs?
  • What informs our buying decisions?
  • Do we take actual user requirements into account before we purchase?

Long Term IT Equipment Rental Apart from being ever-changing, technology is an expensive asset to own. There are new ranges of hardware, software and gadgets that are released so soon after each other, to be able to keep up with the latest IT trends, is an expensive task. That is just one element to owning IT equipment, the maintenance and disposals are a whole other business. Opting for long term IT equipment rental is a sure solution to this issue. Easy to add into your monthly budget, no need to maintenance costs, readily available products, the list is endless. Businesses that would Benefit from Long Term Rentals

  • Call Centres
  • Admin Centres
  • Training rooms
  • Franchises
  • Schools
  • Universities

Benefits of Long Term IT Rentals

  • Affordable equipment
  • Stock available immediately
  • Hold stock free of charge
  • All equipment has a warrantee
  • 1 extra unit available as back up free of charge
  • Collection of rentals inclusive

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