Save on your Grocery List


Save on your Grocery List

If you find that you are spending more on groceries then you want then the problem might not be what you are buying, but how you are buying it. You can though make some simple changes that could lead to savings at the cash out. Here is how to save on your grocery on your grocery list

Bagged Produce

When it is possible, you should buy your fruit and veggies by the bag instead of by the piece. Generally produce is sorted according to size and the largest ones are sold by the piece and the rest are sold in bags.

Lean Meat

Try and buy lean cuts of ground beef. If it is packaged as 70% lean beef then the rest is fat. Try finding 96% lean beef, as only 4% is fat so you will get more meat for your money.

Dried Beans

You should go for dried beans, instead of canned. You can cook these and freeze them so that they are just as convenient as canned.

Big Tubs of Yogurt

Buy yogurt by the quart instead of individual servings and you will save more when you go for the store brand.

Frozen Fruits and Veg

If you find that you are always throwing away spoilt produce then switch to frozen. You can serve what you need without any waste.

Spices in Bulk

Get your spices by the bulk as these are often cheaper and you can buy what you need.

Don’t get Bagged Lettuce

Rather buy lettuce by the head instead of the bag as you will get more lettuce and pay less.

Big Boxes of Cereals

Go for big boxes of cereals that have the lowest price unit. You will usually find these at the top or at the bottom of the shelf as the middle is reserved for those small and more expensive boxes.

Don’t Buy Cheese in the Deli

When you buy cheese get it from the refrigerated section and not the deli as you will pay less and it will stay fresh for longer.

Family Sized Meat Packages

Go for the family sized meat packages even if you do not have a family. You can divide this up into servings and freeze them.

Frozen Seafood

Buy frozen seafood instead of fresh. Generally both of these products are shipped frozen so the difference lies in the price and who thaws it out.

These are just a few of the ways that you can save on your monthly grocery list.

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