Signs you need a New Job


Signs you need a New Job

It can sometimes take us a long time to realise that a job situation is not a good fit, but waiting can have negative consequences. Waiting too long to find a new job can cause serious stress and can result in depression, residual anger and problems at home.

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Here are some signs that your job is unsustainable and that you need a new job.

  1. If you are already thinking about finding a new job and leaving your job then this thinking is happening for a good reason. If you dislike your job, your co-workers or your boss and it is constantly on your mind then it is a sign that you should start searching for a new job.
  2. If you are daydreaming about retirement constantly then you should take that feeling and use it as motivation to find a position that is satisfying and emotionally fulfilling.
  3. If you find that your conversations with your spouse and friends are dominated with complaints and cries about your work day then it might be time to find a new job that incite positive discussions about your work.
  4. Sleep is important to your health and job induced stress can cause poor sleep. If you have trouble sleeping because of job stress then it can make your job situation even worse.
  5. Your physical health can sometimes indicate the state of your mental health and if you are generally feeling sick then your job might be the cause of it.
  6. it is normal to be tired in the morning but if you fell a pit inducing dread or thought consuming anxiety when it’s time to work then it could be your job.
  7. If you find that you are less productive at work, lack passion or are bored often then it might be time that you need to look for a job that is more mentally stimulating that gives you challenges.
  8. If your dissatisfaction with your job is causing tension in the office then it is time to look for a new position. It is better to leave a job on good terms so that you are able to keep your past employer as a source for recommendations and as a network connection.


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