Simple Water Storage Solutions

water storage

Water is the all-known source of life. Without water, we’d have nothing. So, is it a surprise that we take this valuable resource for granted? As a society that has become accustomed to using technology for most simple things, no, it is no surprise. You simply go to the tap, turn it on (in some cases you don’t even have to do that) and presto, water! What if that tap no longer provided you with the resource you once took for granted? Ever thought of water storage solutions?

Small Scale Water Storage

On a small scale, a cheap and easy way to store water would be to use small containers in and around your home. Another, is to stock up on store bought water each time you go do your monthly grocery shopping.

Large Scale Water Storage

Vertical Water Storage Tanks:

For home or agricultural use, vertical storage tanks are a great investment and way in which to conserve and store water. Choose a vertical storage tank that will suit your individual needs. This is a great way to save rain water and re-use it to water the garden, Think of the environment and be water wise! When installing your vertical water storage tank, keep the following in mind:

  • Tank fitting and pipes should be supported by bellows
  • Base of the tank should be solid and level
  • No overhang of tank base
  • All fittings should be tight
  • Weight and specifications are there for a reason, so ensure your tank suits your needs

Horizontal or Transport Tanks

This is a product perfect for the storage or transportation of water. Large volumes of water are able to be sustained for long periods of time. Think affordability, flexibility, decorative detailing (if you are a business or even a home for garden use) and you have an instant solution to water storage!

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