Tips to Growing Tomatoes


Tips to Growing Tomatoes

If you want to grow tomatoes then you will need to know these tips, so that you can grow the best tomatoes around.

Tomatoes Seeds

If you want to grow tomatoes from seed, then ensure you give them plenty of room so that they are able to branch out. If they are too crowded then they will not grow well. You should not have more than four seed in a pot.

Lots of Light

Tomato seedlings will need direct light. If you are not growing them in a greenhouse then you should look at using a type of artificial plant light for 14 to 18 hours a day. Young plants should be a couple of inches away from florescent grow lights. As they grow move them further away but still in the direct light.

Fan your Seeds

In order for tomato plants to grow strong stems they need a breeze, which you can imitate with a fan. Put the fan on for 5 to 10 minutes twice a day.

Pre-Heat Soil

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Tomatoes love to be in the heat. Use a black plastic to cover the area in your garden you will be planting them in a few weeks before you plant them. The soil will get warm which these plants like.

Bury Them

You should plant them up to the first few top leaves. They are then able to develop roots along their stems and the more roots, the stronger the plant.

Don’t Mulch too Soon

You shouldn’t use mulch until the soil is heated as it will cool the soil. You can use plastic mulch for plants like tomatoes because they love the heat.

Take off the Bottom Leaves

Once your tomatoes have reached about 3ft, you should remove the leaves from the first 1 ft. these are the oldest leaves and can develop fungus.

Pinch and Prune

You can remove suckers that are in the crotch joint of the two branches as they will not bear fruit. When you prune the plant you can remove some leaves to allow the sun to reach the fruit, but do not remove too many as the leaves help to develop the flavour.

Water Them

You will need water the tomato plant often and deeply. They should get about 1 inch of water per week or more if it’s hot. Once the fruits start to ripen then you lessen the watering. You should use your own judgement based on how the plant looks.


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