Top Gadgets in 2014

Top Gadgets in 2014

There have been plenty of gadgets released in 2014, but there are some that are just that more intriguing as well as quirky.

Here are some of the top gadgets in 2014.

Top Gadgets 2014

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  1. Polaroid Socialmatic Camera

This gadget concept was first thought of back in 2012 and it is an Android based Socialmatic that is aimed at reviving the much loved Polaroid. There is an inkless printing system that allows users to print stickers of their sepia tinted images as well as customize the 4.5 inch touchscreen. This is an incredibly cool camera that will allow you to print your memories as you like.

  1. Goji Smart Lock

The Goji Smart Lock eliminates the need for keys as you are able to gain access to your home through the use of your smartphone. You will also need to not have that panic of trying to remember if you have locked your door as the system will send you a message when the locks in the home have been activated.

  1. HABU App

The HABU App is a mood based gadget that is a playlist with the aim of creating that perfect playlist in one simple tap. Users will be able to create a mood based playlist that can range from dark to calm as well as positive to negative. Let your playlist depict your mood.

  1. June Bracelet

The June Bracelet from Netamo is a nifty gadget that will be welcomed as it is able to monitor the wearer’s exposure to the sun with facent sensors. It is also able to advise on which kind of sun cream should be applied.

  1. Kolibree Toothbrush

This is said to be the world’s first toothbrush that is internet enabled. The Kolibree is able to monitor and compare your daily brushing as well as recommend certain brushing techniques.

  1. LG’s Home Chat

The LG Home Chat is a top gadget as you are actually able to text your appliances. If you are unsure if you need milk you can text your LG fridge to find out and it will text back. You can also text your vacuum cleaner to start and also your washing machine to begin a cycle.

  1. iGrill 2 Bluetooth Smart Meat Thermometer

If you like meat cooked to perfection then you can use this top gadget to monitor the temperature of your food whilst it cooks from up to 150 feet away.


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