Top Things to do in South Africa


Top Things to do in South Africa

South Africa is one of the most desired locations among tourists and the country boasts numerous places that are all a must see.

Here are some of the highlights that South Africa has on offer according to


Things to do in South Africa

  1. Cape of Storms

Cape of Storms got its name from the Portuguese explorer Bartolomeu Dias because of the Cape Points rugged rocks and steep cliffs that tower over the sea at 200 metres. It is this rocky landscape combined with that of fog has caused hundreds of shipwrecks across the coastline. In 1859 the lighthouse was built and it is now a centralised point for all lighthouses along the coast of South Africa.

You are able to climb to the top of the lighthouse and enjoy a wondrous view.

  1. Ride an Ostrich

In the heart of ostrich country in Africa is the Safari Ostrich Park in Oudtshoorn, which is operated by ostrich farmers. Here you will be able to see groups of ostriches in their natural habitat as well as take a ride on the back of one of these adult birds. After you have had the thrill of riding on an ostrich you can visit the Klein Karoo or the Cango Caves which is the only cave in Africa that features dripstone caverns, vast cave halls and large formations which are thousands of years old.

  1. Bay Harbour Market#

At Hout Bay you will find this indoor market which is held every weekend. The market has culinary and shopping delights with live music. You will be able to take a look at crafts, fashion, art and interior design whilst snacking on freshly prepared South African foods.

  1. Whale Spotting

Between the months of July and November you can go to Hermanus which is a well-known whale watching spot. Hermanus is the best spot to spot whales whilst remaining on dry land. After you have spent some time spotting whales, why not visit the raised boardwalks of Bettys Bay and Stony Point where you will be able to see hundreds of penguins.

  1. Drakensburg Mountains

The Drakensburg is the source of the Tugela River UNESCO World Heritage. The cliff Amphitheatre and is one of the most impressive on Earth. You can take a hike through the mountains and is suitable for all fitness levels. If you are not use to hiking then you can take the less steep grades of climbs and reach the top to enjoy the view.leopard

  1. Spot a Leopard

The Isimangaliso Wetland Park is South Africa’s first UNESCO World Heritage site and is unspoiled natural beauty. The park is 332 000 hectares and has eight interlinking ecosystems. You are able to take a cruise around the park on its three major lake systems. After which you can take a game drive through Mangrove forests and estuaries which you will then taker a drive onto the nearby wild beaches where it is not uncommon to see a leopard.



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