Turn Everyday Items into Chic Home Accessories

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Turn Everyday Items into Chic Home Accessories

All of our homes could benefit from a clear out once in a while; there are some items that you shouldn’t get rid off immediately. There are items that you may think are clutter, but with a little inspiration and imagination they can turn into chic home accessories.

Florist Vases

Glass vases can be spray painted to look like milk glasses that you can then use to style bookcases.

If you have vases with narrow necks you can create a unique bracelet holder.


You can hang woven baskets for texture on a gallery wall. You can also take a woven or wire basket and turn it upside down for a lampshade or celling light fixture.

Mismatched Plates and Bowls

If you have mismatched plates then choose ones that co-ordinate well with one another and use them as artwork.

You can use one as a place for keys when you come through the door on an entry table.

You can place small bowls into a drawer and use them to organize and sort jewelry.

Waste Baskets

You are able to turn a wire wastebasket upside down and use it as a table or stool.

You are able to create a lampshade and larger plastic wastebaskets can go outside and be used as planters for your patio.


You are able to use vintage suitcases as a storage space for photo albums in a bookcase.

Add a mirror to a small vintage valise and use it for travel toiletries and other items in a guest room.

You can also stack a few suitcases and use them as a side table.

Wrapping Paper

If you want easy wall art, then you can frame some pretty paper.

You are able to use wrapping paper as a creative background for bookshelves.

Wrapping paper can be used a draw liner.

Laminate wrapping paper and cut into rectangles to create wipeable placemats.


Take old sweaters and use them to make interesting pillow covers.

Men’s dress shirts can become pillow covers.

Old jeans can become a small denim throw rug or even a bath mat.

Pants and shirt pockets can be transformed into wall pocket organizers.

CD Cases

cd case


If all of your music is downloaded then CD cases can become coasters with a bit of decoupage or creative input.

The jewel cases can become frames so that you can create a unique gallery wall.

There are plenty of things that you can do with what you think is clutter and junk. You need to be able to think creatively and find a new use for these old items.


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