Warehouse Safety

Warehouse Safety

Whether you’re looking to buy, rent or build your business a warehouse, ensure you do so in accordance to the country’s health and safety regulations. All buildings in any province within South Africa, need to be built within the accordance of a national building code. This is in place to ensure employees are working in a safe environment and employers can rest at ease knowing their workers are safe and sound. Many factors come into play here. For each employee working in a warehouse, where heavy machinery and mezzanine levels are involved, certain safety precautions need to be in place. Employees need to be educated on how to operate said machinery. It is the employers’ duty to employ personnel with relevant experience. It is also the employers’ duty to ensure the warehouse passes all tests with regards to health and safety regulations.

When working within a warehouse you need to be aware of serious risks. The importance of warehouse safety can never be stressed enough.

In an enclosed space, such as a warehouse, there needs to be clearly marked exits, along with exit strategies to which all employees are familiar with. Building permits are a must and this will rule out what needs to be done, or what has. Fire is a huge risk in warehouses. With products of flammable material, heavy machinery and people all within a closed space spells out hazard. It is a necessity to have these strategies in place, should a fire emergency arise. Watch out for:

  • Worn or exposed wires.
  • Flammable liquids, gasses or fluids which are able to leak out.
  • Electrical cables under carpets.

Fire detection and suppression is one of the most important factors to be considered within a warehouse. Does your facility have the necessary equipment to handle a fire breaking out? Is there an exit strategy? Are there fire detectors and is there the necessary equipment installed to aid in fire suppression? Where heavy machinery is involved, the foundation of your warehouse needs to be free of any ridges or steps. A floor which isn’t smooth, could cause many accidents to arise which may not only be detrimental to the machinery or business but to the safety of your employees. Guard railings should be inserted, if not already present, as an aid to your employees. It is imperative for all areas to be well lit constantly. First aid equipment should always be readily available.

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