How to Wear a Crop Top no Matter your Body Shape

How to Wear a Crop Top no Matter your Body Shape

It seems like the crop top is here to stay considering it has been trending for about two seasons now, so instead of fighting the trend, rather embrace.

Here you will find how you are able to wear crop tops no matter what body shape you have, as this trend is not reserved for the skinny. Actually everyone is able to wear a crop top from the skinniest to the plus size beauties.

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Pear Shaped

If you are pear shaped then take a leaf out of Mindy Kaling books as she shows how the crop top look can be flattering.

The key is to two fold. The crop top needs to hit at the vertical centre of your rib cage and then pair it with a high waisted skirt that’s fits perfectly.


If you are curvy like Kim Kardashian then get a crop top that is a bit longer and hits you at your natural waist. You can then pair the crop top with a pencil skirt that also hits your natural waist. This will highlight your curves and your waist will look tinier.


If you are a plus size lady, you can also rock the crop top trend. When it comes to the crop top you need to pick one with the right fit in that it is not too tight, but also not to lose. You can then pair this with pieces that highlight your assets. Try a long sleeved crop top with a full skirt.


If you are a petite woman then you can rock the crop top look in many styles from the structured shoulders, the boxy cut and the inverted hem. Pair it with high waisted jeans and you will have the illusion that you are taller.


If you have a fit and rectangular shape then wearing a crop top that is too short can make you look a bit boyish, instead opt for a crop top that has a vintage vibe and is longer and looser. These look great with a high waist maxi skirt.

Long and Lean

Your best bet for this frame is a crop top that falls at your natural waist and one that hits just below. In other words you are looking to only show about three or four inches of skin at your mid-section. This will lengthen you and highlight your frame.


You can show off your athletic frame with a crop top centric outfit. You can easily wear a sports bra length crop top with a pair of low and baggy trousers.


If you have a tiny waist and the rest of you are normal size then you are lucky as you can go for shorter crop tops and mid-rise bottoms.

Inverted Triangle

If your shoulders are a little wider than your hip then go for a halter crop top, as this will minimize the width of your chest and torso and highlight your waist. You can pair this with a full skirt for a feminine look.


If you are on the bustier side then you can go for the crop top over a button up trend.


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