Why You Should Stop Using Flash on Your Website


Why You Should Stop Using Flash on Your Website

If your website is still using Adobe Flash then you need to move away from this. There was a time when Flash was the best way for a website, but with new technologies like HTML5 and responsive web design, Flash has become redundant.

Here why you should stop using Flash on your website.

The Lack of Device Support

In 2010 Apple announced that it would no longer install Flash on default on its computers. They then proceeded to drop all support for it on iPhone and iPad. These devices are highly popular and the lack of support for Flash was a blow to it.

This also prompted a move away from Flash with websites and there are now fewer sites that use Flash. However, there are still large websites that use Flash.

Many of the sites that have Flash content have a fallback for browsers that do not support the software.

If you want your site to reach a larger audience then you will need to move away from Flash.

Web Browser Support

Flash has been known to cause computer crashes and also monopolises resources. Browsers are then slowed down and also it can create a nice platform for hackers.



Many browser manufacturers have then had to rethink their support for the software. Browsers are then making the move away from Flash support.

The End of Flash

There has been a call to end the life of Flash, which has given another reason for browsers to end their support.

Even though the support has not gone away immediately, the security concerns around Flash has forced many people to disable it in their browsers manually.

If your website does use Flash then you need to make a move and replace your Flash content with alternatives that use JavaScript.

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